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Thursday, February 17, 2011

- Semakau Island :

Seriously, 1 word to represent this island,
Cause it is made out of ashes of rubbish.
Aint kidding btw, :/
And the lifespan tat it has,
according to the amt of rubbish we throw everyday
Which is increasing as we speak,
Its lifespan is about 45 more years,
Bfore its fully filled up,
And by thn we will nid to find another place to
Dump all our rubbish.
So to all ppl who still read my blog,
Please, reduce, reuse, recycle. -.-

Since i m here anyways,
Might as well post about my life?
Since some of u still interested,
Yeah yeah i noe, Life is boring.
Who said it isnt.-.-
But oh well, had tennis training,
Fun, but tiring, Same as always loh.
Thn also, just wanna say,
Enjoy your lifes to the fullest,
Seriously. :/
Stay healthy, drink lots of water.
Save money! :D
We all love money dun we? :D

Lastly! I m so into kpop now,
All cos of jokwon from 2am.
Tats all. :D Baiibaii!

{she was all that I needed} // and my eyes change accordingly.
7:07 PM

Friday, January 28, 2011

- Training. :

Been training all this time while i was gone.
Lawls, stressed out, sometimes i just feel like,
"Man, i shud giv up, i m not in for this."
But perserverence yields success,
Vamos WenKang, Strive harder.
Thrs no weak people, only lazy people.
Hehs, :] Anyways, posted. Sorry been MIA
For so long, but yeah. Im back nows.
Will try to post more if i hav time. :]
Oh and last thing, an appetizer for all of u. :3
Look at the sexy bodies of my teammates and coach. xD

{she was all that I needed} // and my eyes change accordingly.
1:00 AM

Thursday, November 4, 2010

- ~Bali~ :

Wooohooo, guess wad, the training camp,
Is at BALI! XD hahas. shiok rite shiok rite? :X
Awww, too bad i cant bring any of u ppl with me.
But dun worry, i will bring back lotsa pictures. x:
Hmmmm, yeah this few days, training were hard,
And I also had a lot of dissapointment regarding,
Some stuff, But hey, here i'm blogging like i promised.

Anyways, tml is a public holiday,
And god m i pissed. -.-
While all of u young ppl out thr are enjoying yr holidays,
I m in school and studying. Hw unfair, gahhh.
Facebook, twitter and nw blog, nw adays, i spend
Most of my time doing this stuff, especially facebook,
Since there's games there. [hehe]
KPOP, we got married, Im so obsessed,
How abt playing dota in the middle of a class?
Cool right? Hahas. Well anyways,
Been reading lots of mangas recently,
And yeah yeah, alot is ecchi,
But its not hentai la for god's sake. ._.
Dun tink of me as a pervert.
And ohoh, btw, recently i just
Noe tat there is some kind of
Event in my secondary school,
But nid buy ticket. Gawd, i wanted to do it today,
But i didnt hav enough money, and only 50 tix
Left. Ottoke.. Ahhh. Nvm, i will just go tml thn.
Oh wait, -.- its holiday tml. gahhhhh.
Oh yah, btw, afew of my primary school frens,
Hav decided to go to korea next year,
And 1 of them decided to pick up korean wif me.
Lucky :D At least im not learning it alone
In an unfamiliar environment. T_T

Man, this days, i'm so easily bored.
Oh yeah btw, to inform u ppl,
I hav begun to play maplestory again. Lawls,
Three cheers for me. Hahas, kidding kidding,
Just kidding. x: Thick skinned lately,
But oh well, its me, wad can i do abt it. xD

K bah, tats abt all, i will post when theres anything
Else. :] Signing out.

{she was all that I needed} // and my eyes change accordingly.
11:22 PM

Saturday, October 30, 2010

- Updating.. NAH. Hahas. Kidding. :

Anyways, to compensate for the long time
That I haven been posting. I'm going
To post a.. Short post. :P
Hehs, kidding la. Anyways, ytd was terrible.
Cause no tennis training. Argh,
Some of u might noe why.
And yeah yeah, its raining. -.-
There, i told ya, so dun ask anymore.

Was watching We got married live just nw.
Gawd.. I had to search for a new channel
On TVU, how troublesome.
And no 1 on facebook fans page,
Was nice enuff to announce the new channel.
But anyways, being the nice guy I always am,
-Pukes- Ahem. Ahaahahas, Just kidding,
Anyways, I posted the channel, so yeah,
Feel free to go take a look.
And, again, being the nice guy I always am,
I'm gonna advertise my favourite Kpop
Male group, 2AM! 2PM also in the mean time, :P
One day recently released their new albums.
Saint O'Clock And Still 2.OOPM.
Go check it out, their new albums are awesome. :x
And before i forget, congrats to 2AM and Son Ga-In
From Brown Eyed Girls.
Firstly, congrats to Ga-In for releasing her album,
Irreversible, Its terribly and horribly nice. :x
[Lol, wad a description.]
Anyways jokes aside, congrats to her, things to note,
Wow, she is dancing such a high level dance. O_O
I tink i got my hands and legs entangled while trying,
Hahahs. Just kidding, I didnt actually try. But yeah,
Do watch out for the dance.
Next, Saint O'Clock album,
Although I said all was nice, But the song tat really,
Really caught my attention was, the song,
Can't Tell You That I Love You. Its pretty epic,
So do take note. Err, -looks up- Wow,
This is the first, or perhaps, :/ 2nd time since
I posted something this long. And I still hav more,
Aww. :/ Then.. Lets just continue will we? LOL.

Oh, i nearly forgot, I recently created a new twitter acc,
Cos JoKwon also uses twitter, Rofl. :x my purpose is so,
Obvious. Anyways, for those who wan to folo,
Go to twitter.com and find FalconTF,
Yeahyeeah, I noe. -.- Its a lame name.
But do follow me yeah? hehs. :B

Watched Rainie Yang's Eye on thursday,
I did say its pretty.. Average actually. :/
Thou the 3D effect and the sound is scary yeah.
So if u wan horror, its ok to watch this in 3D.
Hmmm.. Lets see, wad else..
Uhhh. Oh ya, btw, I participating in a club
Tennis Tournourment in my school on 13th dec.
And yah yah. For the last time, its just a small competition.
But hey, it means alot to me. -.- So if any1 of u,
Yeah u! The one reading this post rite nw,
If yr free, pls come down to ITE College East,
To support me. And yah, 23rd I most likely will be going to
A training camp in peneng wif my fellow
Tennis club members. :] -Jumps up in joy-
-Ahem- And btw, I was selected to be in the
Community for the tennis recreational club.
And I also scored a GPA of 4 for my recent exams.
Was reccomended by the teacher to receive award.
Nah... Kidding, its just a small token, But it means alot to me,
Anyways, I tink some of you guys and gals of cos,
Also noe, Last last weekend I was at genting,
Blurrrr... Cold just tinking about it. xD
Btw, took a few pictures. My aunt
Uploaded it on facebook, go check it out if yr free,
Cindy Chuah Chooi Luan, oh yah, I tink its a closed acc,
So add her if u wan to see them, If she asks,
Just say yr my fren, and tat u wan to see the genting pics.

Recently I also found a new operating system,
That can bypass the school computer. :X
But I still trying to find a way to enable me to
Actually use the software in the comp.
So it might take sometime figuring out.

Ok.. I tink tats about it. So stop pestering me
Saying I didnt post alright? :x Hahas.
K, signing out. :D

{she was all that I needed} // and my eyes change accordingly.
8:39 PM

Saturday, October 23, 2010

- :


{she was all that I needed} // and my eyes change accordingly.
12:50 AM

Friday, October 22, 2010

- D.I.E Link :


{she was all that I needed} // and my eyes change accordingly.
11:20 PM

Friday, October 8, 2010

- Boring~ :

Anyways, nxt week start school liao.
Anyways, been wasting time during holidays.
Better off studying in school and upgrading
Ownself. Been having a rather bad diet.

Sleeping habits, worse. Amnesia worse.
Gawd.. Save me some1. -.-

To say the truth, suddenly,
I feel tat holidays are indeed better,
IF ppl call u out. If not, dun bother.

Anyways. BORED.

{she was all that I needed} // and my eyes change accordingly.
5:40 AM